With regrets I have to cancel this trip.
(not enough participants)
July 21, 2009

The trip.

For some time I am planning to visit Mexico (north of Mexico City) where I have a friend (that's him in the straw hat ).
Well I promised him this sometime ago and as well would like to expand my nonexistent Spanish vocabulary besides stuffing myself on real tortillas, burritos and puerco pibil (of course without killing the cook – for those fans of Rodriguez’s movies).
As I was contemplating the trip I decided that instead of flying there I would prefer to take the time and drive there by car. Do a little exploration, cool off at some lakes and do the touristic things along the route. Just take time and enjoy the road.
It’s lots of miles from here to there and so driving alone could be lonely and rather expensive, therefore I am offering to share this ride.
If you like to travel, have the time and desire to see the US (just a portion) or Mexico, willing to put up with long drive than this could be the opportunity to do it on the cheap.
You can join me at any place along the road or jump out and go your own way.
If you are interested or need more information please contact me by email or leave a comment, thanks.

Additional Information

Beginning of August
(but I am flexible there)

What Do You Need
Willingness to share space with others.
Driving licence (not absolutely necessary, but would be nice).
Passport (US and Mexican visa if required).
Some Cash (for gas-share, accommodation and food).

How Much Cash
The gas for the distance Toronto - Mexican border (about 3000km) split between five people should be around $ 90/person ($ 0.03/km). Could be little bit more, if there are some detours to drive around.

Accommodation & Food
Accommodation along the road in camps, hostels, motels (as cheap as possible).
Food in restaurants, fast food, supermarkets along the way at your expenses.

The car.

Well, it’s a 1995 dodge caravan minivan. It could seat 7 people, but I think that 5 would be enough so there is room for bags and some leg stretching.
It has air-conditioning, the stereo has only radio and cassette player, so if you like to listen to your music bring your own player.
The mechanic recently looked under the hood so everything is Ok for this journey.

Comments and Road Tips

I would appreciate if you leave me any suggestions/tips regarding the local attractions (must-see).

Trip Map

View Larger Map
Unfortunately Google didn’t chart the route past the Mexican border.
So I will describe it.
From Laredo to Monterrey and from there along the east side of Sierra Madre Oriental (route 85) to Victoria. Still following the mountain range south on route 85 to Ciudad Valles and continue until Axtla de Terrazas, there route 120 across the mountains to Jalpan de Serra and continue to San Juan de Rio.

Sierra Madre Oriental - Video

These high mountains (between 1,000 and 3,500 m above sea level) run north to south, beginning in the United States and ending in Mexico. Region of abrupt topography, with valleys, deep canyons and ravines that allow the persistence of a unique and diverse community of plants and animals. The mountains run north to south along the eastern half of Mexico, including the states of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Queretaro and Guanajuato. The tallest peaks are Potosí (3,625 m) and Peña Nevada (3,480 m).

What’s your take on driving in Mexico ?

How dangerous is driving down there ?
The banditos on the roads, the carjacking, the kidnapping etc.
Is it just exaggerated ?
What do you think ?
What precaution would you recommend ?
If you have any experience or just a thought on this subject please leave me a comment or email me.